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               Reviews / Testimonials

"Just received my Southwest collection on CD?. As always, terrific work! I have the Utah loop trip planned for the fall this year, and your fine newsletters will allow mw to maximize my time, discover the hidden treasures to photograph, and assure I come home with some great images?. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do!"
Gary L.

"Just a note to thank you for all the enjoyment I have had reading and using your newsletters. They are an indispensable tool for my photography. I find that I can learn something new in every one, even for locations with which I am familiar."
Lloyd Williams

"Thanks Robert! I love your publication. I have taken some wonder shots and more importantly seen beautiful areas of this country that I would not have thought of seeing if was not for your newsletters."
Dave Bernal

"I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE these newsletters you have put out over the years. Nobody even comes close to covering all the possible photo spots in such detail at each location that you write about. Whenever I decide on a place to go, the FIRST thing I think about is searching your issues for the place I am going. Keep it up, you are such a treasure!!."
Aimee Martin

"As one of your newest subscribers, I can't tell you how delighted I was to receive your CD in the mail today. What a treasure! My only regret is that I didn't find you long ago. I know I'll have[the newsletters] on my iPad on my future photo expeditions and be assured I'll be "passing the word" to those I meet along the way. Thanks for a wonderful resource and keep up the great work."
Jim Dease

"I wish to thank you so much for your quick assistance by providing the downloaded newsletters. Your assistance has made my preparation easier for my upcoming travels to California and Arizona. Your articles are very helpful and you provide essential information promptly. You are a gifted writer."
Tom Johnson

"Dear Robert, Last evening I spent downloading the eight updates you sent and printing newsletter #134 of your Photograph America Newsletter. As one who used to lead such trips, it struck me the amount of time, effort and expense that you spent doing these updates. As a geezer who can no longer lead the trips I very much appreciate revisiting those sites through your Newsletter. Thank you so much for the wonderful Newsletter and your generosity in sending me the best gift I have had in a while. Keep up the good work."
Robert Wall

"You do some outstanding work! Thank you so much for producing such a great product. Just so you know, I think that Robert¹s newsletters are phenomenal. What a great
service you two are providing to the rest of us."
Perry Hopkins

"After reading #119, I decided to check out the Montana high-line while at Glacier National Park. One of the best photo trips I've ever been on! I just had to email you and say thanks; I never would have thought of that one without your publication."
Keith Phillips

"Your newsletter is like wine--it gets better and better with age!
Issue 100 is superb. I know this coast like the back of my hand, but I learned new things from your work."
Max Warner

"I can't tell you how much I value the information in your publication. As a pro, I depend on advance research of an area to maximize my time, and to know when and where to find the photograph. I have used dozens of these articles for all over the U.S."
Brad Mikel

"When you go in the field, you only need four things: a camera body and lens, lots of film, a solid tripod, and your Photograph America Newsletters. I won't go out without mine."
Bill Fortney
Great American Photography Weekends

"Your advice was worth its weight in gold and contributed enormously to my enjoyment of my trip--Thank You. You provide a unique and valuable service."
Paul Barcewicz

"Great newsletter! I recommend it at all my programs and seminars."
John Shaw

"I find your newsletter THE most valuable reading material. I have used it extensively over the past year. Keep up the great work."
Michael Kan

"Fascinating Newsletter! Full of valuable technical tips as well as on-the-spot information. I'm impressed."
Patricia Leonard
South Carolina

"Your newsletter really makes my life much easier when I'm working over there."
Hakan Strand

"I appreciate your help...AND more importantly...YOUR TALENT. I have faithfully, over the years, gone to so many of your suggested locations, I cannot count. You have been a lifesaver on days when I did not have the luxury of hunting out a perfect spot to set up my tripod. I simply followed your suggestions, and came home happy."
Francoise A. Macomber

"Photograph America is a great newsletter. Just the kind of photo/travel information I'd been seeking in all the travel and photograph magazine subscriptions I'd gotten over the years. Now I can cancel them and spend the saved money on more film."
Madeline Childs

"I am enjoying your newsletter—your coverage of each area is very complete. I don't need to buy a big selection of guide books. Thanks for a great newsletter."
Mary Jane Gibson

"I must tell you how much I enjoy your newsletters. As soon as they arrive I read them from beginning to end. They make my day."
Jo Edmundson
New York

"What you are doing is great! Very thorough, accurate information, and you have incorporated a friendly overtone to the text which works very well. I just wanted you to know that I think it looks terriffic."
Brenda Tharp

"Congratulations. I've enjoyed reading your photo travel ideas over the years. Keep it up, especially all the details on how to make our trips and images better and unique."
Murray Cohen

"I'm certain you have heard this many times, but it bears repeating: Your newsletter is a very fine publication."
Gregg Gleason

"The Photograph America Newsletters are a tremendous volume of invaluable information for anyone interested in photographing and exploring America's natural wonders."
Charles Campbell

"I thoroughly enjoy Photograph America. I'm one of those who has all the journals and use them constantly to help plan my own trips...Just wanted to thank you."
Bruce Sanford

"I purchased a subscription to the Photograph America Newsletter (along with all the back issues) about a year ago. I must tell you that this has been one of my best purchases in a long time!"
Steve Selcer

"Please renew my subscription immediately—I don't want to miss a single issue. Your newsletter is absolutely indispensable! I appreciate the extensive and accurate details of our publication. It is the best photograph guide I have found!"
Shirley Richesin

"I bought some newsletters for an upcoming photo trip. I like what I see... Great idea... Great talent."
Larry Mowry

"What a wonderful publication you produce!"
Gay Ayers

"I'm happily renewing my subscription. Photographically speaking, it's the best investment I've ever made... I have found new meaning and direction in my life, due in large part to your inspiration thru Photograph America... Thanks for a great newsletter and all the obvious effort and love that you put into creating it."
Bob Simari
New York

"I love your publication. Keep up the good work."
Carl Wynn

"Undoubtably the BEST source of information available for traveling to a new area. The Newsletters are extremely comprehensive. I've been getting the Newsletter for several years, and, immediately after subscribing, I ordered the entire collection."
Joe and Mary Ann McDonald

"I just got back from four days in Tonopah, photographing the ghost towns. What a help your service is! I've used it serveral times. I'd be a lost soul without it!"
Ed Ryan

"All I expected and more—jam packed full of useful info and handy tips. Nice job. Keep it up!"
Alan Klumpp

"Keep up the great work! Your newsletters are a great resource."
Jace Mouse

"I cannot tell you how invaluable your Photograph America is to me and to my workshop participants. It is terrific!"
Noella Ballenger

"I want to tell you how much I enjoy your publication. Each newsletter provides a wealth of detailed, thorough information to guide the scenic photographer in exploring the most beautiful areas of our nation....Thanks to your tips, I've gotten beautiful photos from dozens of national and state parks including places well off the tourist track.... Please continue to produce these splendid guides."
Stephen Liverman

"I just received my collection of all your back issues and all I can say is WOW!. I wish I would have bought it sooner... My hat is off to you."
Steve Howard

"Thank you, Robert! I have really enjoyed and benefitted from your newsletters. Thanks for providing such valuable information."
Nick Kalathas

"Thanks, Bob. You perform a most valuable service for photographers. No one else's newsletters are at your level. .. Keep up the grand work."
Paul McKenney

"My wife and I love your publication... You have been a great asset in maximizing our limited time in exotic places. Keep up the great work."
Carl Wynn

"You should only know how useful your documents have been to me—absolutely amazing. Thank you and please don't stop."
Derek Glickstein

"I am so glad I used many of my Hitchman sources to plan for and conduct our Southwest photo tour."
Bill Butler

"I wish I'd had your Grand Canyon Newsletter in my hands BEFORE I'd visited there. Thoughtful, lucid, informative stuff."
Steve Gottlieb

"Since discovering your Newsletters at a GAPW workshop, Photograph America Newsletters have opened up a new world of photography with great photography and travel information. The attention to onsite details and locations have made a tremendous difference. Many thanks."
Horace W. Sawyer

"I just got the complete collection of your previous newsletters. What a great resource! I cannot remember the last time I used an exclamation point in a communication."
Mary MacGuire