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Newsletters as PDF Files: Tips / Troubleshooting

DOWNLOAD and STORE Newsletter PDF Files on Your Computer:
* If you use Adobe Reader™ as the default for opening PDF files, you need version 5.0 or higher on your computer.
* Start up the Adobe Reader™ application, go to FILE, and select OPEN. Click on the PDF file icon for the newsletter. When OPEN and displayed, go to FILE and select SAVE or SAVE AS to store the newsletter PDF file on your computer.
* If you do not have Adobe Reader™ and want to use to view your PDF files, go to the Adobe website to DOWNLOAD free:
* If the default for opening PDF files is a browser as Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, when the PDF newsletter is OPEN and displayed, go to FILE and select SAVE or SAVE AS to store the PDF file on your computer.
* If the default is PREVIEW to open PDF files, change the default to Adobe Reader™ or to the browser you prefer.

ENSURE YOU RECEIVE EMAIL from Photograph America with PDF Files:
* Add to the approved
sender list of your address book, anti-spam software, or AOL account,
so incoming emails go to your INBOX and not to JUNK folders.
* Contact your ISP to lift the SPAM BLOCK on emails from Photograph America directly or via Constant Contact.
* Send us your corrected or different email address that will work.
* Notify us of any changes in email address or street address,
through our website, by email, or by phone.

MOVE/DOWNLOAD Newsletter PDF Files to Your iPad:
Here are techiques to get the Photograph America Newsletter PDF files onto your iPad. (iPad does not come with Adobe Reader, but can be downloaded with an APP.):
* If you order directly from your iPad with Safari or other browser from, when the newsletter PDF file is downloaded and shows up in the browser, tap the screen upper right to get the [OPEN IN] selections and choose the iBook app or another PDF reader app.
* Use iTunes as the conduit to move PDF files between your computer and the iPad—with SYNC function and USB cable.
* Transfer PDF files as file attachments in an email from another computer to your iPad. Open email from iPad and click on attach icon to download the PDF file and then tap the screen upper right to get [OPEN IN] selection and choose the APP (as above).
* Use a product, such as DropBox, to move newsletter PDF files from your computer to the iPad.